Tim Pietrusky

Hurray! We Love Icon Fonts has won

My project received 764 of 2079 total votes and is hereby the winner of a free lifetime hosting by domainFACTORY.

Thank you all!

That would not have been possible without YOU, the awesome people of the interwebs. You are awesome! Thanks, thanks and thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.

I also want to thank domainFACTORY for this brilliant campaign.


So what is the big price?

We Love Icon Fonts receives a CloudServer called JiffyBox with the following spec to boost the project into the next dimension:

  • 8 GB main memory
  • 350 GB hard drive space
  • 4 processors
  • Unlimited traffic


I will also get a free domain of my choice!

What does this mean for WLIF?

I can finally add awesome shit and extend the project:

  • Add more open-source icon fonts
  • Create a custom icon font
  • Host custom created icon fonts
  • Download your arranged icon font collection

You have an idea?

That's great because this is an open-source project and you can find it on GitHub. So please contribute and help me make it even better!


February 19, 2013