Tim Pietrusky


emwaw.me is a concept which combines Harry Roberts "MindBEMding" with a collection of standard & reusable SCSS helper.

What do you think?

Please read the description on emwaw.me, come back here and discuss the concept in the comments.

Simon Fremaux had an idea

He combines the concept behind emwaw.me with individual variable names:

// emwaw.me concept
$emw--color-alpha: #fff;
$emw--color-beta: #000;

// individual names
$links-color: $emw--color-beta;
$background-color: $emw--color-alpha;

a {
    color: $links-color;

Simon Fremaux idea on GitHub

Chris Eppstein cannot disagree more!

I fail to understand why having names with no meaning makes things more maintainable. The argument as I understand it is that reusing a name that is semantically incorrect is bad, and so the remedy is to remove the semantics.

I simply cannot disagree more. Instead, either the name should not have been reused, or a new more generic name should be created to replace the more narrow name and that new name should express the fundamental reason for the commonality.

Chris Eppstein on Reddit

July 23, 2013